Sunday, December 11, 2005

End of week 6

The body work is done!!!!!!!!!

I am going to get some 3M 05808 sprayable polyester and hit the tins with it in the next two weeks. Than I will see what other sanding needs to be done and than it is time to paint. Things are starting to get to a fun point again.

Once I get the parts from OK, I can mount them and cut the rear fender. After that, and probably after the first of the year, the frame will go to powder coat and get powdered *****. I plan on spending the majority of my free time in January doing the final assembly.
I take me Basic Rider Training course at the end of the month, and than it is ride ride ride (around the neighborhood) until I am ready to drive this thing to work and show all the pissers who didn't think I could do it that I could.

I assembled the control housings today and got them ready for the arrival of my are rare these days as not much is changing on the appearance of the machine. Soon there will be hordes of pictures!


At 11:44 PM, Blogger McD said...

I Know!! I know!! I know what your 'secret' part is for the back's going to be a big fish tail!!

Am I right? Do I win a prize??

Tell me I'm right!!!

At 4:29 AM, Blogger Admin said...

Are we guessing what the secret part is? I didn't even know ther ewas a secret part. Did I miss something again??

Anyway, dude. That rocks, I can't wait to see this thing finished, I've been enjoying this now for a while. I can even sense the excitement in your words now. Love it.

(Hi Mcd, do you thin zaq will get pissed if we talk on his blog about how great you look?)


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