Friday, August 26, 2005

I survived

A full week in the mouth of the Columbia River that is. I just home from some very hard fishing down at the mouth, I stayed with 4 other guys in a fishing hideout, and it was pretty fun.
Day one, I went out on a fantastic boat called the Surf Scooter, 60 feet of salmon killing fun. We went over the Columbia bar at about 0530 and headed south nearly 15 miles. It was a long trip but we got into some big salmon numbers, and even got to watch a few whales working the same bait balls we were trolling through. I got to see a few guys puking and others trying to sleep it off, lol, all the while the fish just kept rolling in. We boated about 30 salmon, 20 of those went home. Not a bad day, if you like that sort of fishing.
Day two, I jumped in a Striper with the boys, and we fished what we knew hard hard hard. We saw a half way decent bite go through the river so our hopes were higher than the first day, where they had only seen 3 fish caught all day. I broke a nice fish off, donating an expensive diver and flasher combo to the depths. Immediately after retying and rigging, fish on............nice little chinook in the net, our first of the day. Slow for us, but getting better.
Day three, I was in my boat, and the bite was even better. We got one stinking fish, one of the largest hatchery Coho's I have ever got, but still only one fish. What the heck???
Day four, this time I was in an Arima, and we hit it from day break until 3, saw a ton of fish caught and only went 2 for 4. What the heck? We did release a LARGE tule that had it been caught the day before would have hands down one the big tule pool that was going.
We played lots of poker, I did well until the last night, my head just wasn't in it. I had a blast and would do it again in a heart beat, thanks all who were in there with me.


At 8:29 PM, Blogger Mr. D said...

I finally won the pot on the night you left. 6 bucks. Yes!

At 5:32 AM, Blogger ZaQ said...

Nice work


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