Sunday, July 31, 2005

Getting old sucks part 2

Not a very eventful weekend for me. Went out with my good buddy last night to our old watering hole, the Rialto. It just reopened after 11 months of remodeling. Man does it suck! I liked it a whole lot better when it was the seedy joint that pulled us in in the first place. Well we left there after one game of pool and headed East to better things. We found them.

Today, I went to the Washington County fair and me and the kid climbed on a couple of the carnie rides. We got on the Tornado, hey this is pretty nice. We than jumped on the spider...........................that was all I needed. I got off that darn thing and immediately found out what sea-sickness feels like. Took me a couple hours to break it, kinda ruined the rest of the day for us. No more of that, I used to climb all over things like that when I was a youngin.


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