Monday, August 15, 2005

Rafting sucks

This past weekend was hot! I drove over to Maupin Friday after work and as I went through Sandy my temp gauge said 77 degrees. The sun was setting and the sky was blue, I got to Maupin an hour and a half later and the temp read 85 degrees. Welcome to the Oregon desert!
My buddy popped out of his truck and immediately hit the water for some last light fishing. Nothing..........the only thing that was biting were the mosquitoes. Within in 10 minutes I had around 50 bites and that was just the warm up feast I was later to find out. The bar was the normal Maupin bar scene, a mixture of locals and Portlanders. Not all that exciting anymore to tell you the truth. When we got back to camp, I tossed my mattress and bag into the bed of my truck and watched the meteor shower until I fell asleep. That's when the swarm descended on me, I woke up to the warmth, I mean scorching blazing hot rays of the morning sun only to find out that I had been the main course at a mosquito 3 course banquet. My hands being the first two courses followed by my face to round it off. Nice!
The raft trip with off without a hitch, the old Ghetto Goo in the picture there held up for what may have been it's last voyage down the river. My crew was good and hit everything just right. I couldn't ask for any more from them. After the trip we sat about having a beer and watching the impressive meteor shower again for a second night. Midnight rolled around and I got a wild hair up my ass, I stood up shook peoples hands and got in my truck. Giving a little tap on the horn, I drove home. It was a little rough driving, I was dead tired and all I could think of was getting home to my bed, my mosquito-free bed.......I stopped a couple times to run my head under the cooler water and grab a burrito from Taco Hell but I made it in at 3am.
What a ride, thanks all who were there I had fun. Frank, I hope it washes off.


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