Sunday, July 31, 2005

Getting old sucks part 2

Not a very eventful weekend for me. Went out with my good buddy last night to our old watering hole, the Rialto. It just reopened after 11 months of remodeling. Man does it suck! I liked it a whole lot better when it was the seedy joint that pulled us in in the first place. Well we left there after one game of pool and headed East to better things. We found them.

Today, I went to the Washington County fair and me and the kid climbed on a couple of the carnie rides. We got on the Tornado, hey this is pretty nice. We than jumped on the spider...........................that was all I needed. I got off that darn thing and immediately found out what sea-sickness feels like. Took me a couple hours to break it, kinda ruined the rest of the day for us. No more of that, I used to climb all over things like that when I was a youngin.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Getting old sucks

I got home from fishing today, and I was beat. The neighborhood kids wanted me to join in on a little squirt gun battle and I accepted. Running around after those little shits and squirting them is killing me. Plantar fasciaitis sucks! I can barely walk!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

30 minutes, on the minute

So I am sitting next to this guy in a hog-line the other day. Both of us hoping for the great pounddown from a spring King. Our friendly neighborhood sea-lion comes strolling by and starts working the hog-line pretty hard. We get to talking about how to run these things off, seal bombs come to mind, slingshots and marbles, 22 pistols. We get a good laugh at the whole thing. Than he tells me a tale of old, one laid down by his father in the early days of hog-line fishing in the Columbia.

Now who knows if this is true, but sometimes and most times fiction is more for entertainment than fact finding.

His father used to sit in a hog-line, fishing his little black heart out. Just like we do, but when ole Herschel the sea-lion would come aswimming by he would load a sardine up with Drano. He toss that over to the sea lion and swimming ball of blubber would swallow er whole. He said 30 minutes to the minute, that sea lion would come to the surface moaning and groaning in agony. It would immediately swim over to the bank and lie there in the wet sand until it was moving no more. Heck, some days he get 5 or 6 of them. No joke, 30 minutes to the minute, argggghhhhhhh!

Believe it or not, I kinda do, that is some funny stuff when you think about it, I dunno.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Guess it was Rick's weekend

Saturday afternoon rolls around, and I have done just about everything I can think that needs to be done before I leave for the beach. Couple of phone calls and I am out the door. ONe of those calls went to Rick. He was in the same situation I was so I invited him to come over to the neach for the day and do some salmon fishing with me and Scott. He accepted and I sent him to the store to buy a day pass.
The day started at 0445 for me, like 0330 for him....................................always nice to do that to a non-fisherman. We launched the Super Z and pushed off into the morning fog. I had high hopes for the day, but there was no one around. Hell, either I was the only one that knew this day was going to be good, or I was the only one that didn't know this day was going to suck. It started out as a suck! We didn't even have a bite for a few hours. I had them reel up and ran out to the Jaws to be there for the last couple hours of outgoing tide. Water rushed out to the sea like it had an appointment it was late for, it was ripping! Baits went in and hopes went high. Nothing! We saw one very large fishin the 30 lb range caught so that bought us a little confidence, a little thats it. The tide went salck and I motored over to the beach and cracked a beer and ate a small lunch. The only thing I was hungry for was a little bit of POUNDOWN salad!
As the tide filled the bay with the same rush of water that it emptied it, Rick got on the phone. He was relaying the weather report and non-catching report when Scott does the old sit-up-real-fast-and-point-to-a-rod maneuver. I spun my chair to see Rick's rod pumping that oh so familiar pound down pump. Wait wait take him! Rick had a real nice 20+ lb chinook hen on. Once in the net tentions dropped and attitudes rose! Man that felt good. It turned out to be 1 of 4 fish that we saw caught for the day, crummy day but good for Rick.

The long drive home was uneventful, and immediately after putting everything away, I passed out on the couch for 2.5 hours. Headed to the airport! Hasta la vista for now!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Friday night frights?

Well work blew ass, I had to actually do something for 10 hours today. I heard there was a little b-day get together for one of the nurses I work with, so me and some of the other guys are going to go crash it.
I see the Rialto is open again, the Rialto used to be our hang out for like 8 years. It closed for remodeling, and is now open again. I am going to have to swing by to check it out. Lot of memories and stories come out of that place!

I will post later on what trouble I stir up tonight.

Well not much trouble found tonight. I met my buddy at Angelos in hippy town and we dominated the pool table for a few hours. We than met a couple of other buddies at Union Jacks. Man that place is wild and I like it. "Tattoo girl" was there, and she robbed me of 5 bucks. I just can't resist those damn tattoos! Made it home unscathed and not even a buzz, I think I am healing. Ah nevermind, I will never heal, it is in my blood!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

I'm such a liar

I just went over to REI to get some sunblock and some sunglasses. I shopped around for awhile and found what I needed. I went up to the checkout and handed the guy an old rei gift card that I have had in my wallet since only forever! I started to write out a check for the remainder only to have him tell me the card had more than enough on there to cover my purchase. Cool! Well, I have this brown t-shirt on that says MONROE on it. The guy behind the counter asks me where Monroe is. I told him it was in up state New Jersey and that is where I got my degree in Marine Biology from. He was like right on! Started to ask me some questions about marine biology and I told him that I never worked in the field, I have been working as a bouncer at a night club and in a coffee shop during the day. I than think the guy started to hit on me, so I thanked him for the glasses and lotion and took off. What a fag! What a liar........

Anyone know where Monroe University actually is?

First post to First Blog

Well hell, reading a few blogs by some friends I decided to sign up and give it a go on my own. I don't know how interesting this crap is going to be, but I will do my best. I tend to find myself in trouble and lots of fish from time to time, maybe someone out there will think it has some merit. We will see.

Today was my day off, I woke up at 720 in the morning, and rolled over. It was suddenly 830 and I had to pee like a race horse. I got up and let r fly. I laid back down and in the blink of an eye it was 1230. Damn! I wanted to have a few things done already. I wanted to go over and look at the Triumph motorcycles at the shop in Beaverton today.
I also had to go pick up my car at the mechanic. I called my neighbor, and the phone only rang.............well damn, I put my boots on and walked the 3 miles up to the shop. Now I am fat guy, and fat guys exercising in the heat is a bad thing. About 3/4 the way through the trip, all I could think of was beer. I turned the ipod up louder and kept walking.
Got the car and came home and watch an episode of the Chappelle show, man that guy is funny! I went up to Joe's and got some boot dressing as I totally wore out the leather in my boots on this last weekends rafting trip.
On the way home, the damn check engine light came back on and took the car back to the shop. Luckily, since I was in flip flops, the shop owner drove me home. He loves to fish and we talked for about half an hour about boats and bobbers and all kinds of line ratings and reels. Fascinating stuff to the common man I am sure.
Now I am going to go eat dinner and watch a few episodes of the show Inked.....have any of you seen that show?

Planning on a weekend 2 day fishing trip coming up, so I hope to have more interesting stuff to write about after that.......until than GFY!