Friday, July 22, 2005

Friday night frights?

Well work blew ass, I had to actually do something for 10 hours today. I heard there was a little b-day get together for one of the nurses I work with, so me and some of the other guys are going to go crash it.
I see the Rialto is open again, the Rialto used to be our hang out for like 8 years. It closed for remodeling, and is now open again. I am going to have to swing by to check it out. Lot of memories and stories come out of that place!

I will post later on what trouble I stir up tonight.

Well not much trouble found tonight. I met my buddy at Angelos in hippy town and we dominated the pool table for a few hours. We than met a couple of other buddies at Union Jacks. Man that place is wild and I like it. "Tattoo girl" was there, and she robbed me of 5 bucks. I just can't resist those damn tattoos! Made it home unscathed and not even a buzz, I think I am healing. Ah nevermind, I will never heal, it is in my blood!


At 1:49 PM, Blogger Ron, apparently said...

Dude, that tattoo girl could rob me anytime. 'Specially the chick who rubbed her lunchbox on me....
Good times man. Lets do it again.


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