Thursday, July 21, 2005

I'm such a liar

I just went over to REI to get some sunblock and some sunglasses. I shopped around for awhile and found what I needed. I went up to the checkout and handed the guy an old rei gift card that I have had in my wallet since only forever! I started to write out a check for the remainder only to have him tell me the card had more than enough on there to cover my purchase. Cool! Well, I have this brown t-shirt on that says MONROE on it. The guy behind the counter asks me where Monroe is. I told him it was in up state New Jersey and that is where I got my degree in Marine Biology from. He was like right on! Started to ask me some questions about marine biology and I told him that I never worked in the field, I have been working as a bouncer at a night club and in a coffee shop during the day. I than think the guy started to hit on me, so I thanked him for the glasses and lotion and took off. What a fag! What a liar........

Anyone know where Monroe University actually is?


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