Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Flippin fish!

The Kid, the Dog, and I went fishing for summer steelhead today. We hit the water at the crack of dawn only to find out that the summer hadn't made it to Ranier yet. It was low 50's and over cast and all we had on was shorts, tshirt and flipflops. Kinda cold.

The only thing we could do to keep warm was keep piling on life jackets and getting in the dry bags. Crappy!

When we finally got 4 jackets on each, and shoved ourselves into the dry bags, a rod goes off. Wouldn't you know it!!!!! We both jumped up, and hop to the stern looking like we were in the gunnysack race at a church picnic. Pathetic. We somehow manage to hook the fish, and the battle ensues.

But,,,,,,,,,,the kid crackered it midfight. She is 1 for 4 at this spot in the river. She needs more practice.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Well, Turk has managed to live to 10.5 weeks. He is getting quite skinny and lengthy. He is all legs. Turning out to be a fun dog..............

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sore butts, bruised egos

Click here for photos, there is a good sequence of Oak Springs. When you get to the page, click next for about 5 photos or so.

Here's Boxcar, a pathetic run at it I might add. As you can see, I was quickily ejected from the boat. Once to the page, we are the next 6 photos.

And Finally Wapinitia, this seems to be the only one we didn't loose someone on. LOL. 3 photos here.

So it was that time again, me birthday. It has become a bit of tradition to go rafting on this day for the last few years and this one was no exception. This year we decided it would be cool to ride our motorcycles over there, that was pretty fun. Other than a sore butt after a couple hours, the ride was fantastic. We got there without incident and man was it hot. Some drinking was done, no wait, a lot of drinking was done.
On Saturday, the Army Corp needed to drop the water level to what was a never before seen low (according to the OSP officer I was talking to) in order to try and retrieve the body of a poor soul that had been pinned against a rock for more than a week up in white horse. Due to that low water, the raft trip was interesting to say the least. Lots of rocks that are not normally exposed, and some that are normally exposed were twice as big.
When the company gets the photos on the web, I will post a link. Stand by for those, they should be good.

All and all, good times with good friends.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Pimp, I mean polish your ride!

I saw the master, Chip Foose, using a Mothers Powerball on TV. Look like a decent idea, and today Joe's had them on sale. Damn thing was 20 bucks, but when I got to using it on my bike, it paid for itself.
You chuck it up on your drill and put some chrome polish on it, let it fly across everything chrome. My wheels needed it badly. This things whips through road grime and brake dust like butter! Than as the polish dries it buffs right off to a show room shine. It even reshapes itself too small areas like between spokes and handlebar risers. If you like a clean polished bike like I do, it is worth the 20 smackers!


Good ole boy dog!


Spent the good part of the day with my buddy B Rad on his Hewescraft. We saw like 2 fish caught and heard of a total of 5 from the checker. Nice day, just not a lot of fish.

UFC Bitter Rivals?

I stood at the bathroom door of Hooters last night for near 3 hours, waiting for the fight that has been built up for months, even years. Ortiz was gonna finally make that stupid old man Shamrock shut the hell up! Well Ortiz won, but it was one of the biggest "robs" I have yet seen. Neither fighter, especially Shamrock, were close to finished and the ref pulled Tito off Ken 1 minute and 8 seconds into the fight. Shamrock should have pulled Dana White in the ring and demanded the bell be rung again...........crap!
Than, my main man, Andrei Arlovski, was so knockout hungry he stood in the ring with Sylvia for 25 minutes and exchanged jabs. I almost fell asleep during that bout!

Bitter Rivals? Try Bitter Bore!

I had a link to the fight here, but the video was removed from youtube.com

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Hot dog

It has been sweltering here. Turk has found a good way to cool off........