Sunday, July 24, 2005

Guess it was Rick's weekend

Saturday afternoon rolls around, and I have done just about everything I can think that needs to be done before I leave for the beach. Couple of phone calls and I am out the door. ONe of those calls went to Rick. He was in the same situation I was so I invited him to come over to the neach for the day and do some salmon fishing with me and Scott. He accepted and I sent him to the store to buy a day pass.
The day started at 0445 for me, like 0330 for him....................................always nice to do that to a non-fisherman. We launched the Super Z and pushed off into the morning fog. I had high hopes for the day, but there was no one around. Hell, either I was the only one that knew this day was going to be good, or I was the only one that didn't know this day was going to suck. It started out as a suck! We didn't even have a bite for a few hours. I had them reel up and ran out to the Jaws to be there for the last couple hours of outgoing tide. Water rushed out to the sea like it had an appointment it was late for, it was ripping! Baits went in and hopes went high. Nothing! We saw one very large fishin the 30 lb range caught so that bought us a little confidence, a little thats it. The tide went salck and I motored over to the beach and cracked a beer and ate a small lunch. The only thing I was hungry for was a little bit of POUNDOWN salad!
As the tide filled the bay with the same rush of water that it emptied it, Rick got on the phone. He was relaying the weather report and non-catching report when Scott does the old sit-up-real-fast-and-point-to-a-rod maneuver. I spun my chair to see Rick's rod pumping that oh so familiar pound down pump. Wait wait take him! Rick had a real nice 20+ lb chinook hen on. Once in the net tentions dropped and attitudes rose! Man that felt good. It turned out to be 1 of 4 fish that we saw caught for the day, crummy day but good for Rick.

The long drive home was uneventful, and immediately after putting everything away, I passed out on the couch for 2.5 hours. Headed to the airport! Hasta la vista for now!


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