Thursday, September 08, 2005

My sanity is worth 36 bucks

I have maxed out on MAX!

I pulled into the fuel station the other day to fill up for the long fishing weekend. My head fell into my hands as I saw the clicker clicking by at 3.27 a gallon. Time to hit the Max again. I used to ride it to work everyday for a year and a took that long to get to me back than. Well it only took me four days this time.

First off, I leave my house at 0515 in the morning to get to work late, at 0710. I leave work about 1715 and get home at 1840. Crap I tell you.
Than there is the people, the people aren't that bad if you just riding the damn train down town for a night of boozing and billiards. But get on there each and every day and things change. There are the crazy people, I haven't been on the train one time where there wasn't a crazy person. For some reason the mass transit systems attract them. They all wanna talk to me and preached to about tattoo's and crap like that. Shut the hell up!! And NO! I don't wanna buy any of the batteries or razors you stole from Fred Meyer. Jeez.

Than there is the obese people, now I am no skinny dude, but when these 400 lb woman get on the train and stand next to me I loose it. Not because they are gross or anything, but because there mini cooper size ass is rubbing on for 40 minutes and than they turn over like they were sunbathing and rub there obnoxious fat buckets for breasts on me. I can't take it.

The mass of people gets me, I am not a people person. My Grandfather always quoted Roy Rogers in saying, I could get along with anybody if it wasn't for people. How true is that????????? For me, 98% true. The train gets so packed you are rubbing against people on all four sides. People drenched in perfume and coughing and staring at me. People talking on their cell phones to someone on the other end who they are comparing hickey sizes with.......cmon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I fall off the train at my stop each day and gasp for air, I hurry to my truck, my little ZaQsworld and sit there as the engine warms up. Ready to pop......but it is over, for at least 9 hours.

I sat there today, letting the engine warm and figured out my costs. It is 120 miles a week to work. Truck gets on average 15 miles to the gallon. 3 and a half bucks a gallon works out to somewhere around 36 bucks a week.

My sanity is worth 36 bucks.


At 11:38 PM, Blogger Jagermeiling said...

man, i hear ya. must've taken years finally to get accustomed to the same 10 homeless guys asking for a ticket on BART (your MAX) to the same ambiguous destination to meet his homeless wife. i think i've got all their names down, so they drop the scam quick when i go, "sorry, X, you asked me earlier today..." but that's the beauty of liberal, "progressive" states: a hodgepodge of social services barely meeting arbitrary standards and quotas - how's the saying go? "there's no such thing as a common good, for what is common can never be good," altho i agree-- perhaps after a few drinks - "the source and solution to all life's problems" (quoth Bart) - doth the feelings of fraternity with fellow man freely flow - but what am i saying? like gramps, "i could get along with anyone..."


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