Saturday, February 04, 2006

Herring herring pickles

Woke up early this morning and met Mr. D at his place in North Porkland. We set out into the rain for Woodland Washington. There we were to meet the Puget Sound bait company and pick up some herring, 4320 herring to be exact. Each year I buy a case of herring in a bulk order to fish with. This saves me quite a bit of cash and makes things easier when it comes time to brining them up to head out on the hunt.

Mr. D cuddling herring after a fun night

Now when I go to North Porkland, I always find something to laugh at. Today was no exception. Some poor soul lived in a spot that was prone to theft, I guess, and the driver windows on both his cars were knocked out. You and I, being perfectly sain, and not from N. Porkland, would put plastic over the windows to keep the rain out. It has been raining here for like 45 days now..... Not this guy, he used towels. I would think that would bring in more water than having nothing at all. Who knows.

To each his own.

Tonight is the UFC 57, I am pumped! Prediction, Couture is falling to Liddell. Night night Randy.


At 10:55 AM, Blogger Frap Gurl said...

Wasn't plastic invented in them there parts yet??? HAHA!

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