Sunday, September 18, 2005

The end is.............

The ODFW and WDFW, the two agencies that govern the Columbia river, have decided to shut her down. My understanding of the whole idea and process may not be right on, but since this is my blog here it is.

Sport fisherman, that would be me, are allowed to take X% of the returning fish. Now I don't know what that number is, and I frankly don't give a damn. Based on averages from years past, the numbers of returning URB salmon this season are down. They don't know if they are late or just not showing up. OUR percentage stays the same, so a lower returning number means are "take" is lower as well. Well the agencies feared that we had hit or were rapidly approaching that number given the low numbers of fish crossing the Bonneville wall of doom. So they shut the river down to angling for chinook salmon.

At first I was kinda bummed, but than I realized I could go to the Deschutes and swing some spey flies for summers like I used to. I used to love doing that. I like to ride my bike up river a few miles and spend the evening swinging a steelie fly across the water as the sun dips down for the night. Good times.

I could actually get some work done on the house, ah forget it who wants to do that.

Tillamook is approaching, with the coming rains comes powerful pissed off Tillahogs ready for action. I have tied up my leaders and made the necessary repairs to the sled, I think I am ready.

I need to put a new bottom on my drift boat. I should be doing that today, dangit I gotta go.

The end is...........the beginning.


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