Sunday, July 09, 2006

UFC Bitter Rivals?

I stood at the bathroom door of Hooters last night for near 3 hours, waiting for the fight that has been built up for months, even years. Ortiz was gonna finally make that stupid old man Shamrock shut the hell up! Well Ortiz won, but it was one of the biggest "robs" I have yet seen. Neither fighter, especially Shamrock, were close to finished and the ref pulled Tito off Ken 1 minute and 8 seconds into the fight. Shamrock should have pulled Dana White in the ring and demanded the bell be rung again...........crap!
Than, my main man, Andrei Arlovski, was so knockout hungry he stood in the ring with Sylvia for 25 minutes and exchanged jabs. I almost fell asleep during that bout!

Bitter Rivals? Try Bitter Bore!

I had a link to the fight here, but the video was removed from


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