Monday, August 04, 2008

Wrangling Warm Water Wallies, WOW

Walleye? We got em....

With a lack of fishing to be had from a 6 degree sled this time of year, we often find ourselves wondering what the heck are we to do with oursleves. Some synapse fired in the back of our heads, walleye. None of us had ever done it, so Rob set out on a mission to figure out what we needed (not like he was working or anything...)

With a pretty good idea and some gas, we headed out Saturday afternoon about 4 pm.

First pass, one bass, one walleye, one flounder. (Serious a flounder)

Second pass, walleye.......

Kept going like that until it was dark and we had 8 with one very large one lost at the boat. Pretty fun fishery, we will see if the hype about how they taste is true.


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