Sunday, November 04, 2007

Binge time

Every season I like to go on a Tillamook binge, I try my hardest to get it when there is a decent bite happening.

This year we went over on Thursday and droughted the whole day, not a bite. BUT, i saw upwards to 50 fish caught at the jetties. Sooooo, the binge began. We got two on Friday when the bite was not very good. We got into the monster bite at the jetties again, and couldn't get one. We were frustrated yet had smiles for miles with our two from the morning.

Saturday, I had a coupe buddies from work drive over and we all stayed at the coast so we could go to bed early and wake up "late" and have a good fresh morning.

Well, bait was in the water for bout 6 minutes and I was explaining to the boys how the bite would happen on their rods, and Stagefright was like "Is it anything like that?". He pointed to the back rod and sure enough, pounddown......... Roberto sticks the fish and hands it off to TG, it promptly comes unbuttoned. Ah well, we are 6 minutes in, we are gonna lay the wood to em. Nope.

Next 7 hours, not a bite! We fished all over, hunting for fish!!!!

We decided to go to the jetty, not really wanting to have to as we haven't bought a bite in there for 2 days on it.

We work our way in....

And wait, nothing. We see a some being caught here and there, but not like the last two days. Freshen baits and wait. Passengers getting green.

I start to see a bite going off next to the jetties. I have them reel up and we get our selves in line with the bite. TG drops his bait to the bottom and gets a weird look on his face. I give the nod to put his rod in the holster and it begins to pump. Robadito grabs the rod, feeds the fish and sticks him. Bait in the water less then 10 seconds. The fish takes us darn near the breakers on the bar, but we get it.

We get back into position and i lay my bait on the bottom......4, 3, 2, 1....feed the fish and we got another one on. Didn't even get all the rods in the water. This is one hot fish, we chase him through all the boats to the outside and it really kicks ole TG's butt!

Good day! Boys got their fish, Big D got 2 gallons of eggs for letting us stay at his place.......great day.


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