Friday, October 13, 2006

Taking a break

I was out on a 5 day fishing binge and needed a break. So I drove home tonight and am going to take tomorrow off and clean some stuff and reset.
For the three days I had slotted out a 10 fish qouta, didn't get near it. We got a few and had some good times.
I normally don't take pictures of the fish I catch anymore, but this one was a 37 lb buckaroo I got on Wednesday. What a fish!

The Kid had a nice one today that she set the hook on and fought all the way to the net. It really gave her a fight. Unfortunately, I was in "go home" mode and butchered the darn thing without taking a picture.

We stopped at the lake to let Turk do some water retrieves.

Back for more on Sunday, and hopefully get closer to the qouta!


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