Saturday, April 08, 2006

Scared straight

Man was I scared yesterday. I have been riding the ole black and tan to work lately. Been super nice to do, and I feel like the world is my oyster.

I was cruisin the Sylvan at about 50 and the bike lost power, but only briefly. It regained it's momentum pretty quick. Kinda got me thinking........well I rolled down Canyon and hit the first light. I smelled burning oil. Next light, I was engulfed in smoke! Smoke from my bike! Next light even worse. Man what happened? The oil cap rattle loose?
I got to the bottom of the hill and took a look, there was oil all over my oil bag and pipes. I limped into a parking lot, and shut her down. Close inspection showed that the oil was coming from the engine, not the oil bag. That ain't good. I figured I had somehow blown the top seals..........crap what have I done. After letting it cool, the bike and my temper, I rode it the rest of the way home. I could look down and see the oil squirting out onto my pipes, man what a smell.

I got up this morning, pretty depressed. I didn't wanna go out there and completely disassemble the bike to get the engine out. I put it off, played some PS2, surfed some net, kicked walls. I went out this afternoon, and cleaned all the oil and mess off the engine and pipes and started it up. I watched closely, keeping the rpms up. The oil was coming from around the bolts that hold the rocker boxes on. I put a wrench to it and sure enough it was loose. I tightened it down, and checked the others. Out of 12, like 8 were loose. I gave them all about 15 ft lbs of torque and cleaned up again. Went for a short ride, no problems whatsoever. Back in business. I am glad I checked before tearing apart that bike, that would not be an easy task................


At 10:32 AM, Blogger McD said...

Oh Man....that really sucked!! What do you think caused them to come loose like that? Vibration?

Glad all you had to do was tighten them up...taking the whole engine apart would have been a HUGE pain in the ass!

At 6:40 PM, Blogger ZaQ said...

Vibration is the enemy........too the bike that is.

At 10:25 PM, Blogger Frap Gurl said...

Damn that musta scared ya shitless!..Glad that is all it was!


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